Friday, June 09, 2006

Don't plug yourself

This entry is all about selling other people. The OTHERS. I seem to have reached a stage in my life when a noticeable number of my friends are becoming, like, professional and stuff, and I'd like to advertise them here. Here goes:

Are you an Asian socialite? Great! Then visit Chilli Tickets, buy a load of tickets for Asian social nights and get yourself on the scene!

Are you a jazz purist? Great! Then check out Sax Collective, book them to play your wedding and get some jazz down you!

Are you a student or desperate alcoholic? Great! Then visit Glacier Vodka, buy a load of delicious mint-flavoured vodka and get fucked!

Are you a sensitive soul? Great! Then read or listen to some of this poetry, buy a load of copies of James Wilkes' book of poetry Ex Chaos and get enlightened!

Are you casting a play or film? Great! Then check out Peter Head, put him in the lead role and get massive kudos for being "the person who discovered Peter Head"!


Jamie said...

Hi Will - thanks for the plug! Great to read Pete Head's CV, especially the fact that one of his additional skills is the 'Hand-owl' (a puppet of some sort? A tame raptor? A dance move?) and that he WILL perform naked, but "only professionally"...

Ushi said...

Hey Will... Loving the blog keep up the good work... and YES listen to the man... if you're Asian, be at the hottest gigs in town!