Tuesday, June 06, 2006

South London Press makes my day

Gotta love the South London Press. I hadn't bought our local paper for a while, but I broke my fast yesterday and thank Livingstone I did. In the latest edition, the bottom right hand corner of page 2 shows a picture of a cheery-looking bald man, under the heading "South London Press Makes My Day". A few paras underneath explain why Andy Cunningham, retired retail manager and now tireless community campaigner from Battersea (for it is he) feels the SLP makes his day.

Above Andy's smiling face, we have the following headlines: Raver dies after taking ecstasy. 50 flee block fire. Cops cheat death by shotgun. Teen chased and stabbed. Woman, 81, loses legs in lorry horror.

Sixteen pages on, the diary features a piece about how the forthcoming Lambeth Country Show was marred last year by an influx of prostitutes after dark who used the tents and marquees as "makeshift brothels". To quote the article's closing line: "Only in Lambeth."

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