Saturday, December 24, 2005

All shall have prizes

The Alternative News Awards 2005 piece I did for Wanadoo has just been published. Read it here. By the way: Happy Christmas!


kearns said...

Re: your award to Galloway. We mustn't forget that Galloway himself is familiar with rather dubious "smokescreens". Explaining away his fawning over Saddam Hussein back in 94 when he praised him for his "courage and indefatigability" the perma-tanned terrorist-sympathiser claimed that he was addressing the Iraqi people rather than Saddam. Hmmm. I'm not sure he convinced too many people considering the fact he also told Saddam that many Palestinians he had met were naming they're sons after him. Unless there are a load of cheeky toddlers called "Iraq" scurrying around I think it's safe to say he's a lying bastard.
Whats next Will? An award for Nick Griffin?

kearns said...

on a lighter note - where's the award for bauer?

Will said...

Crusading independent rebel or corrupt pro-terrorist demagogue? To be fair, you have to give me credit for managing to pandy to both sides of the Galloway fence by giving him a pretty apolitical award. Though to anticipate your next move, giving Nick Griffin the "outstanding haircut" award probably wouldn't have cut the mustard.

Award ideas for Jack Bauer anyone? I'm thinking: "Best walking Red Bull advert" or somesuch.

kearns said...

I think thats the problem. Griffin has repulsive views and is quite rightly condemned and marginalised. Galloway has an equally disgusting outlook on life yet is portrayed by the media as some kind of plucky underdog who took on the might of the US senate. All he really did in DC was evade important questions about his dubious relations with a thug state by coming out with quaint quotable put-downs.
This is a man who describes himself as a Stalinist - he said the collapse of the Soviet Union was the worst moment of his life. He openly supports the insurgency in Iraq yet bands together with cindy sheehan - a woman who's son was killed by the very people he supports.
He said that if there were an attack on Zimbabwe he'd be "with Mugabe" and he has praised the leader of Syria saying his people were "very lucky" to have him.

sorry to go on about it will - i did enjoy your article - its just that i think the media have been complacent in labelling this guy as a harmless but fun parliamentary bruiser when in fact he is a dangerous extremist.

Theodor Adorno said...

Prince Charles. Poor man. His son fellates Nazi ideologly and he's left perforing cunnilungus on a horse. There's a certain irony to the fact that Mercedes' reputation remains unscated while the equine cocking future king of Britain is left with nothing but a tab at the Ritz and the bastard half-blood foetus of his culled late wife.