Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lessons learned: always see the support band

Woe, woe and thrice, woe!
Wow, it's 2006 and we're fast approaching the five-year anniversary of the time I didn't see the second biggest band in the world. But I didn't care, because the only band on the bill that I really wanted to see was the mighty Campag Velocet.

Fortunately I ended up seeing Coldplay a few weeks later in Bristol's Fleece and Firkin, a pub which holds about 200. The band kept having to stop playing as the soundsystem kept breaking; a curly-haired Chris Martin maintained a steady stream of "is it working yet?" type banter with the soundman Dave. It's five years later and Coldplay's third album X&Y has been number one in 28 countries. Funny how things turn out.


Darren said...

I missed Coldplay on that tour too, not that it prevented me from ripping into them mercilessly in my live review. I think I made some facetious comment about how Chris Martin could 'not expect to lose his virginity anytime soon peddling such tepid complaint rock'. Shows how little I know!

Theodor Adorno said...

Just like McCall (at least Kirsty who shares the Witches namesake had the dignity to get ripped to shreds by a speed boat off the coast of Brazil or some other third world Fruit of the Loom producing hell hole) I pray for the demise of Martin. Apple. Fucking Apple. Was he being sponsored? Is his second born semen mutant to be named IPOD? Die Martin. Die. In a torrent of your own mediocre..... Actually, fuck it. Mediocre is too generous. Banal. Banal fucking flush music. Cos that's all you're music is suitable for. Flushing my turds town the toilet. Well high up above or down below... When you're too in love too let it go.... I'd let it go Martin. The rope holding the Guillotine above your wretched little kneck. What's next? x2 + 2 (x3) = 1/2 x4. Suck it you algebra quoting neophyte.

gemma said...

haha. i turned down the chance to interview coldplay when i was at uni.

some student union try hard was in the newspaper office and was going on about his friend from home's new band coldplay, who had a fierce panda release and were really 'hot', so i as music editor really ought to interview them. and i was like, why would anyone care?