Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mayors and graces

I received my London Mayoral elections booklet in the post yesterday. The 32-page pamphlet is being sent out to all those in the capital registered to vote and includes the two-page miniature manifestos of each of the candidates standing (minus one, who presumably couldn't afford the £10,000 contribution fee).

It's interesting to see which words the candidates are keen on pushing. Ken Livingstone's section, for example, shows that he is the city, using the words "London" or "Londoners" a total of 16 times. While that figure's the same in Liberal Democrat candidate Brian Paddick's section, the name "Brian" also appears 13 times. Just in case you forget who he is. And Boris Johnson – can it be a coincidence that the word "serious" crops up four times?


James K said...

Can I use your blog to state that Boris Johnson is a buffoon of the highest order and to paraphrase Charlie Brooker, "I wouldn't trust him with a mop, yet alone a city like London"

Shame we don't have Barack Obama, he'd be a great Mayor of London.

Will said...

You sure can - particularly as you're completely correct. London would just break with Boris at the wheel.

Brooker article is here, everybody - read it, it's spot on.