Monday, April 14, 2008

Court red-handed

After describing the Daily Mirror's 3am Girls showbiz column as "increasingly dismal" in a snooty tabloid round-up article today, The Guardian's Paul Macinnes goes on to lay into a piece by The Sun's celebrity hack Gordon Smart, in which the red-top writer praises an already hotly-tipped new band.
"More new-born celestial matter can be found today in the shape of the Courteneers (pronounced in a fashionably Gene Hunt-esque way as the Cortinas). Now despite a tidal wave of hype in the week past, the Manc band's debut album failed to reach No 1 yesterday, falling into the marginally less prestigious No 4 slot instead… It falls to Smart Gordon to introduce the band to his Bizarre readers this morning, just a few weeks after everybody else did."
Unbearable smugness aside, if The Grauniad really was as far ahead of the curve as they'd like to think, they'd know the reason the band's name is pronounced "Cortinas" is because it's spelt, er, "Courteeners". Duh.

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