Monday, April 07, 2008

The Electric Goose 'worried about Butterfly Effect'

Well, it's the eve of my 27th birthday, the end of the Diana inquest and the 69th anniversary of Italy's invasion of Albania - and therefore the perfect time to say, "Hey everyone, look: I've redesigned The Electric Goose! Now it's ridiculously wide and the logo doesn't quite fit on the screen (depending on what type of monitor or browser you're using)! Cool, huh (apart from the logo issue, which I will be working to resolve when I can bothered, which will probably be NEVER)?!"

But why? Why mess with perfection? Why? Well, The Great Widening of 2008, as it will surely become known, is mainly so my medium-sized 500x375px Flickr photos don't have to be compressed to be embedded on the page. Yeah, shine on you crazy diamond. Anyway, let's hope the widening of these here pages doesn't push some other poor soul off the edge of the internet and into THE ABYSS. That'd be regrettable - but hey, I didn't invent Chaos Theory, bitch.

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* (asterisk) said...

Maybe your blog name should have a subtitle. Something like "The Electric Goose: Wit and Wisdom in Widescreen".