Sunday, April 13, 2008

LA excellent

Lux Aeterna, Clint Mansell's extraordinarily dramatic piece of film music, was following me around yesterday. First, it came on the stereo at The Valley just before the Southampton-Charlton kick-off, then, in the evening, it cropped up again at the start of Britain's Got Talent.

Lux first appeared on the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, but now it's become customary to use it for any event in which you want to create instant tension, then up said tension to unbearably epic levels - ie film trailers.

And here's the full thing if you want to hear it without hundreds of images confusing your brain.


Afe said...

The next time I vacuum the house I'm going to put Lux Aeterna on. It makes any task seem so much more important.

Will said...

Ha, yes! Start off doleful and work up into an epic cleaning frenzy. And pretend that if you don't succeed, the sun will be extinguished forever.