Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Stockwell Flats: Pamuk

The Stockwell Flats in snow"Were the streets empty because of the snow, or were these frozen pavements always so desolate?"

Orhan Pamuk, Snow

Stockwell flats slideshow


Huw said...

You could hunt foxes in that garden of yours. Well, not legally you understand. Anyway, it's immense.

Will said...

If only if was my garden. Unfortunately it's just a big communal area and to get to it I have to go out my front door and walk round the block. And the only things to hunt in it are squirrels.

[Sighs] Such is life in the city.

Joe said...

I'm in th process of buying a flat in Pinter House. I never realised they were so famous...!

Will said...

Wow! You've got to invite me round to check out the view!