Friday, February 16, 2007


So here's how it happened. It was early 1991, and Ray, a gutsy 19-year-old, was working as a chef at Schipol airport in Amsterdam. In his spare time, Ray liked to rap. He dreamed of becoming a star.

Anita was a pretty girl who did admin in the parking ticket section of a Dutch police station. She was 19 too. Anita liked to sing. When she was younger, she would perform in front of her family. In her spare time she performed in a female rap group, which she enjoyed very much.

Along came Marvin. Marvin was a rapper. He could tell Anita was talented and asked her to sing backing vocals for him. Anita agreed. One night, Marvin did a show, but the crowd weren't having any fun at all. Luckily, his friend Ray – the airport chef - was in attendance. Ray saw his moment and took the microphone. He urged the crowd out of their lethargic mood. Marvin was impressed: Ray was really good.

Finally, Ray and Anita met. They were the same age, they had the same interests, they had even been born in the same hospital. They would later become so close that they would describe their relationship as "like brother and sister".

Marvin introduced Ray and Anita to two musicians called Phil and Jean-Paul. Phil and Jean-Paul liked Ray's rapping and Anita's singing very much. They wanted them to form a band together. And that was exactly what happened.

So it came to pass: 2 Unlimited was born.


* (asterisk) said...

Ah, what a great overview of a lovely and not-at-all-forgotten pop combo. Thanks for the memories.

Edmund Hardy said...

The next part of the story is more paradoxical though, when Ray's raps were mostly cut from UK and world releases, deemed too "clumsy" by Jean-Paul...

Will said...