Monday, February 12, 2007

Camera + London + Me = Pictures of London

As Sarah's friends Becky and Chris were visiting from Manchester this weekend, I went all touristy, which meant doing some fun things I'd never done before. I ate an overpriced Argentine Steak sandwich in Camden. I bought a Jesus and Mary Chain album. I had a cup of tea in the Tate Modern cafe. And I went on the London Eye.

The London Eye is an excellent addition to the city's tourist activity roster, because it means you get to see views of London from a great height, without having to throw yourself out of a plane or waste time and money building your own jet pack. You can even capture your own images of the city from the movable pods, using portable photographic devices known as 'cameras'. Below are some of the images I extracted from the world using the aforementioned device.

The Millennium Bridge
The Millennium Bridge, named, of
course, after the Robbie Williams song

(it's clearly Brunel's Hungerford Bridge)

The London Eye
The London Eye: basically made out
of cleverly linked white pipecleaners

County Hall
County Hall, which used to be a Roman amphitheatre
before pranksters moved Rome to London


* (asterisk) said...

I went on the Eye last year with some Italian friends who were staying with us. First time. Quite enjoyed it. Doubt I'll go again, though: the queuing is just too much of a pain in the ass.

Huw said...

Where is this London Eye you speak of? I am yet to come across it.

jpt said...

Last time I went on the London Eye I was served a champagne breakfast courtesy of Metro Newspaper...

Should point out I only accepted the offer in order to fulfill my role as the 'bastard flatmate'. The things I do for the Electric Goose...

Red said...

* forgot to mention that our capsule was a bleeding oven. I was quite happy to come back down to fresh air...

Will said...

* - I only had to queue for five minutes, so no problems. But it's probably not the kind of thing you'd go on twice, is it?

Huw - it lies next to a river of mud, west of a once-great monstrous power hub that now contains many painted images. There'll be a map on the internet if you Google it.

jpt - I should probably point out how much you tempted fate with that comment re missing the Hot Fuzz premiere last night. But that would be mean, so I won't.

Red - yes, they are baking aren't they. But in cold cold February, that's a good thing.