Wednesday, February 07, 2007

She should be so lucky

Topical question of the day: does Kylie Minogue have any friends? I'm not being cruel, I just haven't seen any hard evidence that she has mates.


* (asterisk) said...

She seems like a nice enough girl, I guess, so maybe, instead of friends, she has good neighbours.

Curly said...

Darn - I was going to go along the neighbours route as well.

I guess she keeps them a secret to avoid any tabloid coverage? She's pretty media-savvy I've heard.

Huw said...

Apparently she was BFF with Saddam. She really has had a tough couple of years.

Will said...

Okay, so a colleague of mine, who works on the picturedesk - and therefore sees more than her fair share of showbiz pictures - suggests that Kylie is friends with actress Naomi Watts.

But: she adds that she only remembered this fact "because I was so surprised to see a pic of her with a friend".