Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Things we read today

The Guardian's new Comment is Free site is live. Rubbish title, but looks interesting.

Simon Clarke's geographically accurate London tube map. Bendy!

Google, bless them, have mapped Mars. No signs of life, but I'm sure there'll be a Starbucks there soon.

And finally, Laura Barton on the disgrace that is the new Marmite.


Nicole said...

Love the map, love the google mars thing, and am disgusted by marmite.

But this Guardian blog thing? Yeah, cause Emily Bell et al need more space to write. It isn't a blog, it's an extended editorial page, with handy commenting feature (which is, I admit, a good thing. A very good editorial page, mind you. That I'll probably read. But not sure how it's a blog...

kearns said...

In defence of the title, when it says "Comment is free..." it is the first half of a quote from CP Scott. It continues at the bottom of the page with "...but facts are sacred".

Hmmm, still doesnt really work

Will said...

Yeah, that quote kind of implies that comment is airy and flippant. And the whole essence of Comment is Free is that it's all about being able to comment. Ergo, the Guardian's new site is airy and flippant.

Unlike The Electric Goose, which tackles the heavyweight issues with a gravity that cannot be matched.