Sunday, March 26, 2006

Morocco observation #7

You know how on MTV and the like, you get a tickertape at the bottom of the screen with mindless text messages like "Dave I luv u, Sandra x" scrolling from left to right? Well on Moroccan MTV, because the messages are mostly in Arabic which is read right to left, the mindless text messages scroll in the opposite direction (right to left). It's quite strange to see; even more so as you get the occasional one in English or French, and the tickertape has to change direction for a moment to accomodate it. When you see this happen, it's like a small earthquake inside your head.

An early example of an Arabic text message


Property in Morocco said...

Hey Will.
I have never thought about this situation.
But yesterday I thought about keyboard, about Arabic keyboard. Do you know is it an usual keyboard or not? I think they have more letters.
Very tuff question.

Will said...

Hey Property in Morrocco,
I can't really remember what the keyboards were like, apart from being a bitch to use.