Monday, March 13, 2006

Celebrity encounter #94

One of the most troubling issues in modern life is how to approach a celebrity. What's your opening line? It obviously can't be too personal - that'll make you look like a stalker - but you have to show that you're familiar with their work in a non-gushing, playing-it-cool kind of way.

I had to tackle this problem on Friday night, when I wandered into the West End's Phoenix bar for Darren's birthday. The first person I saw when I walked in was Romeo Stodart, lead singer of The Magic Numbers. Luckily I'd had a few strong lagers beforehand, so had no trouble leaning over and casually spewing the immortal opening gambit, "That's a good band you're in there."

Anyway, a short conversation ensued, none of which is interesting enough to relate here (yes, that bad) and he seemed like a pleasant guy. But my mind kept returning to that opening line. I thought it was quite a good one, but when I told Sarah about it, she visibly cringed, screwing up her face in pain. Back to square one.


Phu said...

haha... That's not so bad... when I met Maxi Jazz, I was wasted, in Brockwell Park, waiting for this bloke to finish pissing up a tree so that I could do it myself, he turned around and it was Maxi Jazz, with this huge spliff hanging out his gob. Even though he'd just been pissing up a tree (it was the cannabis fayre thing) he still managed to look pretty cool, with all his entourage of mates there, he looked like a celebrity anyway. and I'm staggering round pointing going "you're that geezer..."

he was alright though.

by the way, whereabouts is the phoenix bar?

need somewhere nice to go on the weekend for a birthday.

Will said...

Nice. Did he have a pair of tights between his teeth?

It's midway down Charing Cross road (here), just near the Phoenix theatre. I asked a Big Issue fella standing outside the theatre where the bar was. He goes, "Just turn left over there, down Phoenix St." I thanked him and walked on. Behind me, he started yelling to everyone who walked passed him, "THE PHOENIX BAR IS ON PHOENIX ST" over and over again. Say hi from me if you see him...

Phu said...

lol nice one mate, cheers.