Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Sun says... Phwoar!

I picked up a copy of The Sun newspaper on the tube yesterday. For any non-British readers out there, The Sun is Britain’s biggest selling newspaper, and despite its increasing interest in celebrity tittle-tattle and free DVD giveaways, it’s still hugely influential. But the best-known thing about the paper is its page 3, which always features a full-page shot of a pretty young female baring her breasts.

Rather wonderfully, the accompanying article often attributes the day’s Page 3 Girl with an unlikely comment on a topical news story, and coincidentally, this is always reflective of the paper’s editorial line. Yesterday’s was truly exceptional. The paper took their lead from the death last week of one-time War Minister John Profumo, whose scandalous affair with call girl Christine Keeler nearly brought down the Tory government back in 1963. Following the scandal, Keeler was famously photographed naked straddling a chair; The Sun managed to find a buxom blonde, called – yep – Keeley, and photographed her adopting a similar, though less modest, pose.

Bizarre stuff. But it was the final paragraph of the piece, with Keeley’s quote and subsequent devastating pun, that was truly brilliant:
Keeley, 19, said: “I’ve always been fascinated by the Profumo scandal – all that intrigue, sex and Cold War paranoia.”
Cold War? Cold Phwoar, more like!


Yorkshire Soul said...

You've got to laugh.

Phu said...

Or cry.

debbiecakes said...

The Lion says Rrrrwar.

I know, it's lame.


The Complimenting Commenter said...

That is so silly. A very interesting post though. Thanks for sharing.

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

A topless woman on pg. 3 always- as in everyday? Seriously? Just... topless?

Will said...

Yep, just topless. Simple, but devastating.