Thursday, September 07, 2006


Is it me, or does the guy who played kitchen hand Everton in Chef bear a striking resemblance to one, or both, of the Outhere Brothers? Or did I just imagine it?


Saw a large vehicle this evening the size and shape of a mobile library. It was a deep purple colour and had the words "Net Navigator" painted on the side. I wanted to stop it and tell the drivers "Guys, you don't need one of those to surf the internet! You just need a laptop and a phone line!" I could just imagine the poor fools driving all the way to California just so they could access an American website.


Some embarrassing recent iTunes purchases:

Jesus He Knows Me - Genesis
My Sharona - The Knack
I Got You Babe - Sonny and Cher
Devil Woman - Cliff Richard
Happy Together - The Turtles

Think I'm going to have to listen to four hours of Joy Division to purge myself of this string of naffness.


After Blair's announcement this afternoon, Sky News had up on screen a list of 'hot political newcomers'. On the right of the screen, Jon Cruddas, on the left, Ed Balls. There's a filthy joke in there somewhere, screaming to get out.


After waking up this morning with the word 'liminal' in my head (don't know why), I put the music on and got the best lyric I've heard in ages. By the brilliant Super Furry Animals, from their song Hello Sunshine:

"I'm a minger
You’re a minger too.
So come on minger
I want to ming with you."


My review of the new album by power-pop indie-kids Silver Sun is online - have a look (spot the Back to the Future reference).

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