Monday, September 25, 2006

Fine and Danandy

I'm rather sceptical about Paul 'Desperate' Danan's Wikipedia entry, which has one or two unlikely elements to it. Highlights follow: [NB I've censored the libellous bits]

Paul Danan (born in Essex) is a British actor who played Sol Patrick in the UK teen soap opera Hollyoaks. To millions, Paul is a legend. He likes to live life at 100 miles an hour and openly **** *******...

He recently presented a British Television series entitled **** *** *****' ITV2. In the show he ***** various ************ ***** to the limit and dates girls he meets. Paul has been in America working on a new pilot comedy sitcom. Paul is playing support in a comedy sitcom starring Bill Cosby and Minnie Driver. The pilot shows have been well received and the show will officially start in Febuary 2007.

In a bid to boost flagging ratings, Paul was thrown into ITV1's Love Island for a second time but was voted off on the 7th August. During the show's run, he admitted to being allergic to radishes.

Paul has used Love Island, and Love Island: Aftersun to launch his new rap career as Randy McDanan.


* (asterisk) said...

It doesn't mention that he's a cunt, though. Probably inadvertently cut from the penultimate sentence of the first paragraph: "To millions, Paul is [a cunt; to three, he is] a legend."

Oberon said...

........electric goose? that a battery powered butt pincher?

Tim said...

Just one question... Why on EARTH were you wiki-ing Paul Danan!?

Will said...

*: He is indeed a fool.

Oberon: why would you need a battery-powered device to do that for you?

Tim: I was trying to think of someone who was the opposite of Umberto Eco for the purposes of this 'hilarious' riposte. And I was just checking that Danananan wasn't secretly a graduate in medieval Italian philosophy and literature, professor of semiotics or bestselling highbrow author. He's not.

Mark Hawker said...

Danan is not the finest mortal on this Earth! Did anyone actually watch his show with Calum Best and Fran Cosgrove?