Monday, September 11, 2006

All apologies

Some recent highlights from The Guardian's clarifications and corrections columns:

Sir Charles Mackerras is not, as we described him in a review, page 36, September 4, "well into his 80s". He is hardly in them at all. He was 80 in November last year.

In Racism is an everyday reality etc, page 24, G2, September 4, we said that the main character in the television series Life on Mars is "a 1970s cop thrown into the modern world". It is the other way round: he is a modern cop thrown into a 1970s world.

A correction, page 34, September 2, correcting the spelling of canvas, in a report about Munch's painting The Scream, was, it turns out, academic. The painting is on cardboard.

In an article headed Britain's new foodie paradise (G2 page 20, September 1), we implied that the restaurant critic Jay Rayner believed the article's hypothesis: that Marlow is becoming the country's new gastronomic hot-spot, ahead of Ludlow. Though Rayner did say the town was "shaping up nicely" as quoted in the piece, when asked whether he thought Marlow was the new Ludlow, his initial answer was "How about 'no'." This quote was not used in the finished piece. Apologies.


Anonymous said...

hello Will, it's Phu. Was possibly looking at the mighty Stockwell flats today from the window of my new place of work.

It was like finding myself standing at a scene of great historical importance.

Sort of.


Red said...

Ah, you can trust The Grauniad for a few laughs. I liked the one about Munch's Scream a lot!

Incidentally, I ate in Ludlow a few years ago, when this talk of it being a gastronomic hotspot first started. Guess what? It's not, not by a loooong way (read that like that traffic warden in Little Miss Jocelyn would).

Will said...

Phu: fantastic!

Red: who is Little Miss Jocelyn?

Dinah said...

All understandable mistakes. Especially the ones that are completely wrong.