Sunday, August 13, 2006

This is the fuchsia

Not completely clear on how the whole fuchsia affair started, but as these things so often do, it arose from a drunken conversation. My friend India Chris started talking about how he wanted a t-shirt that said "fuchsia" on it and we started coming up with stupid fuchsia related puns. All was forgotten, until last week, when I decided the time had come for me to start designing the fuchsia range of t-shirts.

I haven't discussed this with Chris, but I see the fuchsia t-shirts being a highly culty word of mouth thing. For yer average non-Goose reading droid, it'll start when they see some cool kid wearing one, and they'll think nothing of it. Then a few months later they'll see a very different one, but realise it is somehow connected. You know there's something happening, but you don’t know what it is. After a few more sightings, Mr Jones'll Google it, and find a range of fantastic fuchsia t-shirts, available to buy from The Electric Goose. (Obviously I'm too lazy to actually carry this through, but anyway.)

For those who've bemoaned the lack of visuals on this blog recently, eat this: I've mocked up eight designs for the first season of t-shirts, and I'll be publishing one every day for the next, er, week. Here's the first.

Fuchsia #1


Nicole said...

I'd buy it.

Tim said...

Please tell me they'll be one that says:

The fuchsia's bright, the fuchsia's orange.

Will said...

Hey, no spoilers!

JMW said...

I'd buy this one.