Thursday, August 10, 2006

Berners lies

Found out the other day, amazingly, that Sir Tim Berners-Lee, lived in my home town, Wimborne, back in 2001. Not only that, but he lived in Colehill, the actual part of Wimborne I lived in during my teenage years.

In case you don't know who Berners-Lee is, he's the British scientist credited with inventing the world wide web. Which is quite impressive really. Well done him.

Anyway, I was so overcome by this piece of information that I made up some 'facts' about Berners-Lee, in the style of the recent Chuck Norris forwards.

1. Berners-Lee is so computer savvy, Bill Gates doesn't know what he's on about half the time.

2. Instead of having a middle finger on his right hand Berners-Lee has a 2GB USB key.

3. Berners-Lee has read everything on the internet. Twice.

4. Berners-Lee's computer is so clever, it can walk to the shops and buy crisps for him.

5. If you abuse the internet, Berners-Lee will get it to roundhouse you in the face using only one line of HTML.

6. Berners-Lee has wireless and bluetooth capabilities.

7. When Berners-Lee walks out of a PC World superstore, all the computers follow him out.

8. You're only online because Berners-Lee lets you online.

9. A Google search is actually just a list of web pages Berners-Lee likes.

10. Justin Timberlake's surname only exists because someone mispronounced 'Tim Berners-Lee'.

NB None of the above facts are true.


Sue Ellen Mischke said...

Wait... I thought Al Gore invented the internt.

Edmund Hardy said...

Berners-Lee wrote the code for his own DNA.

Berners-Lee's favourite book as a child was 'Charlotte's Web' but he scribbled on the cover, 'Not Charlotte's Web, It's My Web'.

Berners-Lee considers all MySpace accounts to be really His Space.