Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"This city desert"

Made Sarah a "you're moving to London" CD this week – she's got a flat in Archway and a job in Brixton for September - but when I'd finished compiling it, I realised there were some really anti-London lyrics in there. I hope she doesn't get the wrong message. Here are the tracks, followed by some of the deliciously depressing lyrics.

1. Ldn – Lily Allen
"A fella looking dapper, but he's sitting with a slapper / Then I see it's a pimp and his crack whore"

2. Chelsea Morning – Joni Mitchell

3. Whippin' Piccadilly - Gomez

4. London Calling – The Clash

5. Upon Westminster Bridge – Half Man Half Biscuit

6. Come Back to Camden - Morrissey
"Where taxi drivers never stop talking / Under slate-grey Victorian sky"

7. London Loves – Blur
"London loves / The way people just fall apart / London loves / The way you just don't stand a chance"

8. Mornington Crescent – Belle and Sebastian

9. London Still – The Waifs
"Today I dream of home and not of London any more"

10. Blue Room in Archway – Boo Radleys

11. The Only Living Boy in New Cross – Carter USM
"Hello, good evening, welcome, to nothing much"

12. Mile End - Pulp
"It's a mess alright / yes it's Mile End" (and the entire song)

13. Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks
"People so busy, make me feel dizzy…"

14. Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty
"This city desert makes you feel so cold / It's got so many people, but it's got no soul"

15. London's Burning – The Clash
"London's burning / With boredom now"

16. Chelsea Girls – Nico

P.S. Yes, I know, there are three songs here which aren't actually about London. Boo hoo.


Huw said...

A marvellous gift. If it wasn't for the fact I am sure you will have lots of people giving you tips on what you could have included, I would have said "Archway People" by St Etienne and "Electric Avenue" would have been fitting for her situation too. So I won't.

James K said...

Are you compiling these lists by simply typing in London into the itunes search box on the top right of the screen or is this from your memory?

Will said...

That would be cheating James!

Thanks for those Huw, I'll stick them on volume 2. Apparently there's also a Carter USM song called "24 minutes from Tulse Hill".

jpt said...

No 'Guns of Brixton'?? Definitely should have included the Nouvelle Vague version...

And I know it's naff, but 'Don't go back to Dalston' by Razorlight is always a winner. Then a bit of Roots Manuva for the Stockwell massive, and finally, given Sarah's excellent choice of living locale and working environs, 'Narcissist' by the Libertines, the greatest anti-Clapham song ever...

Will said...

Well the rules I set myself were that "London" or a place in London had to be in the song title, not just the lyrics. Thought of Guns of Brixton, but didn't want to overdo The Clash.

Although some would say you can never have too much Clash.

James K said...

The Jam: 'A' Bomb In Wardour Street
Gerry Rafferty: Baker Street
Madness: Primrose Hill
Madness: Victoria Gardens
Pet Shop Boys: King's Cross
Pet Shop Boys:West End Girls
The Pogues: Rainy Night In Soho
Squeeze: Piccadilly
Kinks: Holloway Jail
Kinks: Denmark Street
The Clash: White Man In Hammersmith Palais
Elvis Costello: Chelsea Girl
Basement Jaxx: I Live In Camberwell
Basement Jaxx: Camberwell Skies
Captain Sensible: Croydon Nick Cave: Brompton Oratory
Jon Bon Jovi: Midnight in Chelsea
Carter USM: The Only Living Boy In New Cross
Carter USM: The Taking of Peckham 1-2-3
Carter USM: Twenty-Four Minutes to Tulse Hill
Motorhead - No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith.
Alabama 3: Exile On Coldharbor Lane
Eddy Grant: Electric Avenue
Fairport Convention: Chelsea Morning

Will said...

Two of those are on there already, and the Clash quota has been filled. But otherwise, very nice.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you the other rule: the song has to be good. So no Basement Jaxx, Bon Jovi or Squeeze hahaha.

(NB the CD was limited to songs I actually own.)

James K said...

But Bon Jovi is merely Bruce Springsteen for stupid people....

* (asterisk) said...

"Strange Town" by The Jam could be about London, too. Might not. But still relevant to someone moving to London.

"Down in the Tube Station at Midnight".

(Getting the feeling Weller didn't like London.)

"Hampstead" by Adam & The Ants.

Several by The Libertines and Razorlight.

This could go on forever, couldn't it?!

* (asterisk) said...

'Course Strange Town is about London: just remembered it mentions Oxford St. Duh.

* (asterisk) said...

And now I've gone back thru the comments and seen your rule about place name in titles.

Still, the Ants' track stands.

And... I'll get me coat.

Chris said...

Catatonia - Londinium. Although the lyrics, "I come alive outside the M25" might not have exactly inspired Sarah.