Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Stockwell flats: a new perspective

A nice surprise from my friend James (his blog’s here) on Monday: he’s emailed me a photo of the view of the Stockwell flats from his bedroom window. As I’m sure you know, here at Electric Goose towers, we’re always willing to publish other people’s perspectives / bow out to public pressure, so here it is:

Hurrah! This is the perfect opportunity for me to turn this blog into a 360-degree interactive community experience! Anyone who lives south London way, send me your Stockwell flats pictures now and I’ll publish them here!

Hmmm. Despite Venn Diagrammatical evidence to the contrary, we can still do this. Nicole, Jamie, Eleanor? I’m talking to you. Go forth.

Stockwell flats slideshow

1 comment:

Huw said...

Here's one I took last June for a post I wrote.

I assume you are familiar with the work of (now former resident of Stockwell I think) onionbagblog?