Monday, May 22, 2006

Going underground

Went to a house party in St Albans on Saturday and drank lots of beer.

Everyone had to come dressed as "London underground", despite the fact that St Albans isn’t on the tube map (it’s 20 minutes on the train from King’s Cross). The theme was a strange one, very open to interpretation, and perhaps successful because of that fact (and the bath of beer, above). My costume (well, prop which I carried round) was a visual representation of Piccadilly line station Hatton Cross:

Elsewhere, there were a number of schoolgirls (Grange Hill), a couple of rabbits (Warren Street), a young lady with twigs in her hair and a New Testament in her belt (Gospel Oak), a few tennis players (Wimbledon), a Rastafarian (West India Quays), a couple of cherubs (Angels), a girl in Dutch national dress (Holland Park), an Abba lookalike (Waterloo), a guy holding an inflatable sheep with a mound of hair in his crotch region (Shepherd’s Bush), a moustachioed white trash type (My Name is Earl’s Court) and a Sherlock Holmes (who lived on Baker Street).

Aside from my valiant effort, there were some other crackers. Alex Bird ('Birdy'), one of the boys whose party it was, dressed eponymously, doing a fine Canary Wharf. Here he is with St John’s Wood:

And finally, it would be wrong not to mention my friend Dan’s marvellously unsubtle 'outfit', which needs no introduction (Cockfosters).

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Kusems said...

Oh, geez, I'm such a prudish American. That "Cockfosters" picture disturbed me. Funny stuff, though, and somebody had to do it.