Monday, May 08, 2006

Ale these things I've drunk

Saturday was a funny day. In perfect demonstration of the fine art of balance, me and Sarah spent the morning in the gym and the evening at a beer festival. The Macclesfield Beer Festival was a strange affair, essentially being two big marquees jammed together and dropped in a field. Entertainment consisted of three bands, a hotdog stand, and 50 different types of beer.

The bar: pure glamour

I went to work, getting through eight varieties: Wigwam, I Can't Believe It's Not Bitter, Coastguard, Mr Sheppard's Crook, Fat Cat Bitter, Clansman Ale, Buckled Wheel and the pleasantly-named Leaky Willy.

Upon entry, everyone is given a free Macclesfield Beer Festival commemorative pint glass which drinkers then have to use for the whole night - and many end up forming intensely close bonds with their glasses.

My commemorative glass, back in Stockwell

Visitors to the festival also get a free programme, which contains great descriptions of each drink available. Some are baffling - "the perfect secession beer", some unlikely - "an aroma of heather and smoked peat", some even more unlikely - "very smooth, hoppy and Moorish" ('moreish', shurely?!), some esoteric - "late hopping with Fuggles and Mount Hood gives a floral, grassy and herbal nose" and some wonderfully poetical - "the sweetness diminishes in the aftertaste, but the bitterness lingers".

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the cheese sandwich stand with a variety of different cheeses. And ham.