Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Stockwell Flats: another Huw

You may have missed this, but a few posts down, Tufnell Park Huw (do read his My Thoughts Exactly blog, it’s wonderful) has alerted me to the existence of one of his pictures of The Stockwell Flats, which you can see here.

Huw also pointed me in the direction of onionbagblog, which is written by someone who actually used to live inside the Stockwell Flats. For some of onionblog’s pictures of the building, go here.

Here's another one of mine, breaking from tradition and looking in a more southerly direction.

Want another angle? Here’s how it looks from space.

I think this'll be the last Stockwell Flats post I do for a while. It's getting a bit tiresome now.

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