Saturday, April 15, 2006


More nifty internet magic here. I made myself my very own word cloud. That's to say, the good people at ZoomClouds generated me one. What the bejesus am I talking about? Well, ZoomCloud is able to autogenerate a box of tags by searching the most used words from an RSS feed (or feeds) supplied by the user (in this case, the Electric Goose's Atom feed) - and you don't need to have tagged blog entries to do it. You get to design the box, mincing around with colours and padding like you're a cross between The Terminator and Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen. ZoomClouds then generates you a phat pile of CSS, which you thrust into the heart of your preexisting HTML, Mortal Kombat "finish him!" style.

If the wordy jargon in that so-called explanatory paragraph didn't stop you, the bad similes probably did. Ack well, just check it out for yourself: I've stuck the thing in the right hand side. You lucky people.

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jpt said...

i think i have a word cloud related erection. is that wrong?