Sunday, April 02, 2006

Moroccan encounter #94

Me and Sarah have just been for an excellent last night meal, and we walk back to the hotel. In the reception area, there is a chubby middle-aged man onstage in Moroccan dress playing a reedy instrument. It is only after a few seconds that I notice the large black snake upright in front of him. Terrifyingly, he keeps prodding it to make it snap at him. This man is the Moroccan Steve Irwin! And he's in my hotel!

I get back to the room and fall asleep. Suddenly I'm on my feet and a nasty-looking red and black snake is slithering through a hole in my pillowcase. It disappears inside the pillow. I watch, fascinated and horrified. Then I see it coming back out of the pillow through the same hole. Instead of being relieved, crazily and hysterically I start yelling: "What if there was one in there already? What if that's not the snake that just went in?!"

Then I wake up.

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