Saturday, March 29, 2008

Loft ambitions

I'm back home visiting my parents and, as is becoming increasingly customary for such trips, I've been rooting through the loft so my mother can do a clear-out.

Amid the stacks of old magazines, with their enthusiastic but awry cover proclamations - "Hope: are they the new Wham?" wonders one - I found a small pocket organiser with a solitary diary entry, for Monday 2 April 1990. Although I was just shy of my 9th birthday when I wrote it, this vivid account of a holiday in "NORTHUMBULAND OR HOWEVER YOU SPELLIT" eerily foreshadows the literary sparkle of this very blog, and demonstrates the youthful joyfulness of my salad days:

"Went to Holy Island and we went to the museum. Dad needed the toilet for two hours. And I got a headache. We had a picnic in the car. And went to a castle. And then we went home."

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Afe said...

That sounds like my road trip around the UK.