Friday, February 08, 2008

What Goes On

More madness from the Daily Star. This just in:

LET IT BE: Playing Beatles in space could spark alien attack
BLASTING songs into space could put the Earth at risk of alien attack

Experts are fuming after Nasa played The Beatles song ‘Across The Universe’ into deep space.

They reckon loud music could attract extra-terrestrials’ attention and earmark the planet for invasion.

Astronomer Barrie Jones said there was an “unofficial embargo” on letting aliens know we are here.

“The chances are slight, but the consequences could be huge – the end of life on Earth,” he said.


Curly said...

Wasn't the Beatles music a threat to civilisation at one point?

James K said...

I read about this in the Indy a few months ago. They're a proper paper, so I actually would take the threat seriously.

cogidubnus said...

I'm a Beatles era veteran and even I can see that playing "Let it be" at High Volume could easily be construed by aliens as an unfriendly act...

(Make it the Sex Pistols and the uncertainty vanishes!)

cogidubnus said...

Pssst - want a juicy story?

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