Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Caught on camera

I'm very excited! I have a new camera! It's ace! It has an LCD screen the size of a house and switches on faster than you can say "Hey, why don't you take a picture of… oh, it's gone."

Basically my old one was a good starting toy, but it was letting me down a bit – there was a lot of tat amongst the Japan pics, which thankfully you lot didn't have to see.

Anyway, I was mucking around with My New Best Friend at home last night and soon become a bit obsessed with the "colour accent" functionality, which basically lets you Schindler's List certain objects. With hilarious consequences! Voila.

Red shoes
The red shoes

Orange squash
Orange squash

Blue toothbrush
A blue toothbrush

Yellow pages
Yellow pages

Red vase
Red vase


Curly said...

You won't be so smug when all those hard-working photo-shoppers are put out of a job.

Nifty feature.

Anonymous said...

this is too cool for school. probably literally.

deanne said...

I'm impressed - what sort of camera is this? I'm looking for another at the moment.

Will said...

Canon IXUS 75. I don't know much about cameras, but recommended. Very slim-line and half price on Amazon too.