Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Crisp response

Good news! I got a reply from United Biscuits, following my letter of complaint. In response to the suggestion that I’d found "a mutant life form" in my packet of Rostyers T-Bone Steak crisps, the consumer services co-ordinator said:

"The material found in the packet appears to be of the same ingredients as the finished product, but showing signs that it had become malformed at a point in the production process where heat is present, causing it to become hard. We would normally expect such conglomerated ingredients to be removed by the system."

As an "indication of goodwill", I was sent £2 worth of KP vouchers, which I can use to buy five packets of Rosters T-Bone Steak crisps. Although I’m seriously considering going for barbeque beef flavoured Hula Hoops next time...

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