Monday, February 13, 2006

Boyz II Hen

The times they’re a-changing – and here’s why: on Saturday night, I went to a hen night. The thing is, I wasn’t the only bloke there. And the interesting part: the hen was male, as was his maid of honour (see picture).

Anyway, the recent introduction of civil ceremonies means everyone can marry everyone and so next weekend my old housemate Mike is tying the knot with his boyfriend Nick. This is why on Saturday I found myself drinking red wine through a penis-shaped straw, and making raucous jokes about the groom’s, er, equipment. Although how I ended up at a house party in Marylebone dancing to Smooth Criminal at 5am is less clear.

This being very much an "occasion", as opposed to your average night out, there was emotion all round, and much clinking of glasses. I for one was particularly moved by the speed at which Mike saw off his enormous triple gin and tonic. Good times.

More pics here

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