Wednesday, February 23, 2011

India part 18a: Amritsar

Oops. Sikhs holy city Amritsar seemed like a foreign country, perhaps because the combination of cold and fog had everyone shuffling around draped in blankets like turbaned Clint Eastwoods. I'm slightly concerned the thing I'll remember about this part of the trip will be a minibus journey during which I sat in the front between Sarah and the dead-behind-the-eyes driver, with one leg either side of the gearstick, hoping the latter wasn't feeling frisky. Hopefully these pictures of the Golden Temple will crush that particular memory.

Golden Temple, early morning

Golden Temple bather

Golden Temple crowd

Golden Temple crowd

Pensive Sikh at the Golden Temple

Incredible place, sincere respect to the Sikhs.

[More Amritsar pics here.]

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