Thursday, February 10, 2011

India part 11d: Ooty finale

Not sure why I have so much to say about Ooty, but there you go. We finished up with a day trek up into the tea plantations, with a guide who also had some beef with the Lonely Planet, although this time, it was more to do with vanity - I think they'd just omitted to mention him by name in the latest edition. Still, a nice fellow. We were promised scenery which "looked like the English countryside" and actually, that turned out to be not such an outrageous claim.

Ooty trek

But things quickly changed to this:

Ooty tea plantation

and this:


For several kilometres of the hike, we were followed by four friendly dogs. "They are here to protect foreigners," said the guide, although the huge quantities of bisuits he fed them might also have been an incentive. Here's one of them admiring the view from the top, which would probably have been stupendous had it not been for thick, thick clouds obscuring absolutely everything.

Heroic dog

And, to conclude, I am legally obliged to post the following picture as a kind of obligatory offering to the internet godz.

Tiny kitten

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