Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Twits

I keep vacillating between "getting" Twitter and "not getting" Twitter. Signed up in May last year and didn't get it. Then started to get it. Then didn't use it for a few months, which meant I forgot why I got it and had to start regetting it. But with a load of friends signing up fairly recently, I’m currently getting it, so here’s where you follow me: Oh, and you can see recent updates on the right hand side of this very blog, just below my profile picture. Neat.


rashbre said...

I had that twittiness too. I first joined it in 2007 when I was the only twit in the village. Then eventually over a year later a lot more twits finally turned up.

keep tweeting.


Jamie said...

"It's the online equivalent of popping bubble wrap." Brooker, 02/02/09