Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tonight on Channel 4: The World's Most Enhanced Woman and Me

Those of you who remember what The World's Most Enhanced Woman and Me calls "the big boob scene of the '90s" will presumably have fond memories of Eurotrash staple Lolo Ferrari, whose record-breaking beach ball breasts brought her fame and fortune. 

The movement, says presenter Mark Dolan (don't worry, we've stopped with the Louis Theroux comparisons), seemed to disappear from view with Lolo's death in 2000. "Personally, I can't see the attraction of freakishly large breasts," he adds, "But I wondered if there were any women out there who can compare with the girls from the '90s."

The current record holder, Maxi Mounds (not her real name, we'd wager) has five-litre breast enhancements – Lolo's were a mere three – but her agent tells Dolan she's "out of action", although we would've thought being Maxi Mounds was a full-time job, even if she's wearing a jumper.

So instead, we head to Las Vegas to meet porn stars Crystal Ashley and Minka. Crystal once had the world's largest implants, but downsized after they started leaking into her body and making her ill. Ugh. Meanwhile, Korean Minka and her less-than-charming husband Woody have made millions from her four-litre boobs. Tragically, she has a passion for tennis. Dolan gets a taster of the kind of attention she attracts when he goes for a wander round Vegas with her pal, the aptly-named Kayla Kleevage.

The show concludes with a visit to Brazil, where vivacious attention-seeker Sheyla Hershey has travelled to pump up the volume, in an attempt to win the word record with a 5.5-litre pair. "They love my personality," she says as she poses for pictures in the shopping mall.

There follows footage of a gruelling operation. Those looking for titillation, pardon the pun, should head elsewhere. Despite the premise, this is one of the more serious – and better – efforts in the ...and Me series, with insecurities as big as the breasts on show. Dolan, to his credit, looks every one of the women he's interviewing right in the eyes.

by Will Parkhouse, Wednesday 4 February 2009

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