Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Commuting sentences

Heh, Blog After Reading seems to have sparked Brand-Ross-Sachs levels of controversy, with a number of people wondering when all this page-flicking gets done (and good point from Fwengebola about William Gladstone's lack of access to latter-day time-wasting devices like boxsets of The Wire or b3ta newsletters).

I have one answer in the form of a commuting poem I originally wrote in response to a short ditty posted on Facebook by my old boss Martin (his went: "From London Victoria / To Brighton Central / I am always sitting / Next to someone mental"):

From Kennington
To Paddington
I get a lot
Of reading done.

And no, I do not use the Johnny 5 method.


Huw said...

I work for an organisation that pretty much prides itself on being non-intellectual, and I cut down my commuting/lunchtime reading after a few months since starting when I discovered that I had acquired the almost mystical nickname of "the one that reads".

And Huwmione.

Will said...


fwengebola said...

I made a good point? I sincerely can't remember that at all.