Saturday, December 27, 2008

He got Game (of Life)

Christmas: it's all about the boardgames. After a whizz through the Brewster's Millions-alike Go For Broke on Christmas eve, we tackled its money-making nemesis, The Game of Life, on Boxing Day. Despite the stickers peeling off the bridges, and one of the flags being broken, unbelievably, the spinner actually span repeatedly without flying off into orbit.

The Game of Life

After I'd reached Millionaire's Mansion and my less ambitious opponents had settled down at Retirement Home, we totted up our money. Alas, Dad had so much cash, he couldn't be bothered to carry on counting once he'd reached £950,000. Then again, he was raking in the game's top salary - journalist, whose £20,000 wage tops those of teacher, physicist, doctor, lawyer and businessman. Mostly, I love this boardgame for its realism.

The Game of Life

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Huw said...

Indigestion usually reigns at my house. I managed to somehow coerce the rabble into a game of Pictionary, but it had to be abandoned because my parents were bickering too much, and I was scared they'd get a divorce at Christmas.

"It's a see-saw, you stupid man!"