Thursday, December 18, 2008

Top 20 albums of 2008

The music boys at work got us compiling our 20 favourite albums of the year a few weeks back – the result, which I think is actually a rather good list, can be read here. Meanwhile, here's my score of LPs, subsequently tweaked, tweaked and tweaked again to account for newbies, pangs of regret, self doubt and so on.

1. Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
2. Santogold – Santogold
3. Music Hole – Camille
4. Flight of the Conchords – Flight of the Conchords
5. Stainless Style – Neon Neon
6. Glasvegas – Glasvegas
7. The Seldom Seen Kid – Elbow
8. Who Killed Amanda Palmer? – Amanda Palmer
9. Oracular Spectacular – MGMT
10. Twenty-One – Mystery Jets
11. Viva La Vida – Coldplay
12. O – Tilly and the Wall
13. Alas I Cannot Swim – Laura Marling
14. Nights Out – Metronomy
15. This Gift – Sons and Daughters
16. Distortion – Magnetic Fields
17. My DNA – Manda Rin
18. For Emma, Forever Ago – Bon Iver
19. We Are the Physics Are OK At Music – We Are the Physics
20. Jim Noir – Jim Noir

Bubbling under: Foals, Oasis, Calexico, Conor Oberst, The Wave Pictures, Los Campesinos!, These New Puritans. Oh dear, I feel bad now.

No prizes for Portishead's Third, which was a bit like being tortured. Or Kings of Leon's horribly mature Only By The Night, which I didn't understand at all and actually prompted me to say, "I prefer their early stuff" out loud. Fleet Foxes are overrated, all atmosphere no tunes. No one was more disappointed than me when the CSS sophomore album turned out to be a bit crud. And the Klaxons, good as they are, have engendered an awful lot of tripe – lookin' at you, Crystal Castles, Friendly Fires, Late of the Pier. By the way, I may take this back later when I realise around mid-April that all the bands I've just dissed are all actually the best thing since the last best thing.

My top ten albums of 2007

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My top ten albums of 2005 (good grief...)


Curly said...

I usually measure my cool-ness against how many albums I own of your end of year charts. I am only 25% cool this year (with 28.5% of the 'almosts'). I did far better in 2007.

Did Duffy not have an effect on you? (Obligatory "Why didn't you put these in your list?" comment)

I'd also put the Vines 'Melodia' in there, but that's because I like the Vines a lot. I'd probably replace Coldplay, I've only heard one song from that album and it aggravated me.

Will said...

The Vines had an album out this year?! Actually, I loved their first one, but didn't bother from then on.

Duffy did have an effect on me - I like 'Mercy' and I either like or am dangerously addicted to 'Warwick Avenue', but thought the album as a whole was a bit of a letdown really.

(Damn you, now I'll have to do the whole, "Okay, maybe I'll give it another spin" thing and realise I was wrong and have to make a public apology.)

Curly said...

They did indeed, not only have the Vines released an album this year, they've had two albums in between. The critics haven't enjoyed them so much but this one was better received. Melodia is now my favourite album by the boys.

Duffy, most of the songs are just driven by her voice rather than the song writing or music but they're still great. Rockferry (track) is fantastic, as is Distant Dreamer. Admittedly three or four of the tracks just seem to be space fillers in comparison.

Huw said...

I'm glad Fleet Foxes or Dr Dog aren't on your list. I've felt a bit unnerved this year that I wasn't getting it.

jpt said...

No McFly?

Seriously, best independent release of the year...

Will said...

Yeah, I'll allow Rockferry (track).

Who's Dr Dog?

And aren't McFly all, like, 102 now?

Courtney said...

I agree with your number one - Vampire Weekend. What an album!
Saw them at Splendour in the Grass, a music festival here in Australia, in 08. They are even better live!

Will said...

Welcome, Courtney. You are clearly a man or woman of taste.

Will said...

Oh, I just clicked on your link, which gave me a fairly definitive answer.