Sunday, December 09, 2007

Some questions

In The Bourne Ultimatum, what was Jason Bourne's ultimatum exactly?

Will British smokers' resistance to the cold and therefore illnesses like influenza and pneumonia increase because of the recent ban on indoor public smoking - and will smoking, as a result, become healthy again?

What is the difference between the Japanese verbs desu, arimasu and imasu?

How good are Elektrons? (The band, not the subatomic particles, though they are also pretty good.)

Do Christians view the watching of unauthorised TV material on YouTube an infringement of the eighth commandment ("Thou shalt not steal")? Does this still stand if said programme is Songs of Praise?

Should the band The The be filed under The The or The, The?


* (asterisk) said...

1. Dunno, not seen it.

2. Doubt it.

3. Don't know. It's many years since I stopped studying Japanese. Watashi wa Asterisk desu. Hajimemashite.

4. Probably no good since I don't have any of their music.

5. Who can second guess Christians?

6. The, The. Though it looks rather messy. My (admittedly dated) 12th edition of Guinness British Hit Singles omits articles from band names AND LISTS ALL NAMES IN UPPER CASE. So we have BEATLES and WHO, for example. But... The THE. Note the mix of u/c and l/c, since the first "the" is clearly deemed essential here. Geeeenius.

Will said...

haha, re 6, I bet some poor guy had sleepless nights trying to work out what to do there.