Wednesday, November 30, 2005

They just like peace

Went to see Salman Rushdie talk and read from his novel at the South Bank centre last night. Unfortunately I have some kind of ultra-flu and was dosed up on these extra-strong cough sweets my boss gave me, so I can’t really give any credible or coherent insights about the man, except for the following thoughtsentence.

Yes, it’s true, he looks like an owl academic with beard and when he arrives onstage, he faces the crowd, and waves like a little boy – it’s surprisingly endearing - and he thinks the Indians and Pakistanis should just leave the Kashmiris the fuck alone, they’re not cowardly to like peace (as the old Indian joke goes), they just LIKE PEACE, what’s wrong with that? and the law banning incitement to religious hatred is, like, bullshit, because you should be able to criticise all ideas freely and that includes religion, as long as you separate the intellectual from the personal, just protect freedom of speech and all the other civil liberties follow and please stop going on about Midnight’s Children, that was 25 years ago...

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kearns said...

careful will, the site of foil wrapped crisps and westlife is verging dangerously close to being politically relevant