Thursday, November 25, 2010

India, part 1: Benaulim and Varca, Goa

Okay, let's crack on, shall we? I'm not going to write much about the first few weeks, because that was the honeymoon period (literally), and my brain was switched off for much of it. But my camera was on, and it recorded the following things with the help of my right index finger:

Men disguised as beach shack roof
Men disguised as a beach shack roof!

Pebbles looking pretty!

Boat name FAIL
Inappropriately-named boat!

Beach parasailing
People actually doing some anal parasailing!

Pay phone

Me trying to recreate the Easy Rider bad acid trip/graveyard scene using my new camera!

Scary red door
Scary Kubrickian red hotel door!

Benaulim beach at dusk
A man bringing some petrol to a beach party!

Sultry new wife!

Click here for a few more pics from Benaulim. Next up, another part of Goa ending in 'im'. You can hardly wait.

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Gilly said...

I just remembered that you have a blog when you said you were uploading pictures in your email. I may become a follower! I love your pictures....I think I want your new camera. Can you give you sultry new wife a big hug and kiss from me please! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgillyxxxx