Saturday, August 02, 2008

Three weddings and, er, that's it

July was wedding month for me. First, my sister was married in Clerkenwell, then my old school friend Geraint tied the knot in a field near Cardiff, and finally Sarah's mum's boyfriend's son got hitched in a country church in Wytton, Shropshire. We do love a good wedding - which is lucky, because all three were excellent.

Part of the reason this blog has become so impersonal and sparse is because over the last year, I've become a bit concerned about invading people's privacy (ha, pretty rich for someone who writes about stupid celebrities for a living) and, weirdly, my own (it freaks me out when I see referrals from someone Googling "will parkhouse journalist"). This is all to explain why this post doesn't contain a slew of pictures featuring brides, grooms and big-hatted guests. Anyway, I prefer the impressionistic Fotherington-Thomas hullo-trees-hullo-sky approach of papping these days. Presto!

Cometh the hour...

Wedding car

Giant baby attacks

Cool dude + tipi

The groom plots his dancefloor revenge

Graves, St Mary's Church, Whitton



Corn field

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Afe said...

You're a damn fine photographer. Hmmph.

P.S. Gets!

Will said...

Fanks! Half of it is a question of quality control, i.e. resisting the temptation to put the average / crappy / awful ones online (and there are plenty).


Ben said...

Yup, great photos. Know what you mean about trying to keep personal things out - I seem to be going gradually the other way, though, and I'm not sure why...

Will said...