Sunday, August 14, 2005

Take a haiku

Spent most of Saturday grappling with James Bond (feature I'm trying to write). Later, met Birdy and Emily for a brief drink in Arch 635. Cool bar, bizarrely situated beneath the train track - every now and again you could hear an ominous rumbling overhead. For some reason, the only place left for us to sit was a vaulting horse, the kind usually confined to gyms. Don't know what it was doing there (everything else was comfy sofas and bar stools), but definite haiku material:

On a vaulting horse
The three of us sat in line
And drank, legs dangling.


Anonymous said...

where's will?
where'e will?

is he blogging?
who's he snogging?
whats going on in his noggin?

where's will?
where's will?

is he drunk?
where'ds he bunk?
is he a hunk?

where's will?
where's will?

He was in a bar
what a star
on a horse,
(par for the course)
as trains rolled overhead.

Will said...

Very nice. I can't believe you wanted to remain anonymous!

jamie said...

did no-one tell you
rhymes are out, it's minimal
japan chic now dear

Will said...

Wise words from the boy
Who really knows Japan, in
The biblical sense.