Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Should probably get away from the old "...of 2009" thing, but this bit from Adam and Joe's BBC 6 Music podcast (aka "Podmax") made me laugh harder than anything else last year.

A quick iTunes podscan reveals my ears bathed in over 20 hours of A&J last year, with an estimated 12 of those hours spent emitting bizarre giggling sounds. Oh, go on, then:

Best podcasts of 2009:

1. Adam and Joe BBC 6 Music podcast
2. Everything else


rashbre said...

Happy New Year.

It had me smiling and then laughing. Just lowst my coffeh coloured dowg in the fowg.

Chris said...

This made me crack up on a Mexican bus. I was so upset that I was a bit behind with the podcast and was too late to respond to the request for a listener in an exotic location so they could do the show from there. My back garden is pretty exotic and I can make a mean mojito.