Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last orders at Borders

Had half an hour to kill on Thursday, so I dropped into the Borders closing down sale on Oxford Street to see if there was anything left. Unsurprisingly, it was pretty cleared out. But then I wandered over to the £1 shelves, which initially looked pretty scanty...

Borders ftw

...and snapped back to reality 10 minutes later to find myself holding a sizeable stack of books.

Borders books splurge

Not one of them's on the vague "to read" list that sits somewhere at the back of my mind - yes, Sales 8, Will 0 - but all good authors, and new hardbacks at £1 each are pretty hard to put back on the shelf. From another point of view: I saved £99!

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Somthing about Everything said...

i was so sad when i went into borders yesturday, in oxford street to find it was closing down :( and i was just as sad when i looked at the empty magazine rack.