Friday, October 10, 2008

Monster raving

They're back! Yes, like the Wispa, Roast Beef flavour Monster Munch have returned to the shop shelves, and not even Iceland's theft of my savings is enough to stop me getting my hands on a packet.*

To my mother, who once famously denounced this particular flavour as "tasting like cardboard", I would say this: never has cardboard tasted so good!

They're back!

* Say what you like, but The Electric Goose can never be accused of ignoring the big issues.


Anonymous said...

This is your (anonymous) mother speaking!
I cannot believe you still want to eat these! I thought you were eating vegetables and things now.

Will said...

I sweated all the salt out while I was in Cuba, that's probably why. Nah, it's nostalgia food, isn't it.

Huw said...

This really is most excellent news.

Will said...

I think they might have been available in multi-packs - but as a lifelong enemy of pickled onion flavour, I was always unable to indulge in such luxuries.