Monday, July 21, 2008

Playlist #4: July 2008

Sorry it's late, the dog ate my HTML. Worth the wait though, featuring, as it does, a couple of awesome bootlegs by mash king Mark Vidler (aka Go Home Productions), some retro ballading from Mssrs Pumpkins and Roses, a Tom Waits cover that's also a TV theme tune, the first Tom Waits song I ever heard (the insanity of his voice confused me, so I hated it; now I love it), the lovely new Annie single and two walls of sound (count 'em!). And more, natch.


Huw said...

I lived with a Tom Waits fan for a while, and used to hate the bawdy wailing that would echo across our kitchen of an evening. By the time he moved out, there were a number of tracks I adored, and have never been able to track down.

You have also selected my favourite of the 5 interpretations of Way Down In The Hole. So, well done.

Will said...

It's pretty incredible that they've managed to get a full blown brilliant soul version out of Waits' scribbly pots and pans version.

I like to listen to it at work to try and trick myself into thinking I'm at home on my sofa watching The Wire.

Anonymous said...

Saw BBOA live in New York Town Hall 2005 and Down In The Hole really kicked ass. I assume you'll play this on Friday in Backstreets. Otherwise I just have to wait till Sunday and hear it from the man himself. Janne

Will said...

Oh you bastard I forgot you're seeing Waits. Please can you fall ill and give me your ticket?

I'm sitting out this Friday's BS - I hope Jamie doesn't play it without me though, I want the glory for myself. (If you're reading this, jpt...)