Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gets advice

During our trip to Japan way back in February, Birdy explained to Dan and I that during his teaching experiences in Tokyo, one of our friends had noticed the children he taught had an unusual classroom catchphrase.

The phrase and accompanying gesture were simple – the move just involved putting each hand into a gun shape, pointing them at your friend and exclaiming "Gets!" This spread around the whole school and variations began to emerge. For example, one group of children would perform a Gets then say (in Japanese, presumably) "turn and reverse" and point towards themselves.

Inevitably, as a result of this conversation, the three of us spent a lot of our trip Getsing each other. The eagled-eyed obsessive psychopathic Facebook stalkers among you may have noticed that a number of my pictures from that trip feature each of us doing a Gets at the camera in place of the thumbs-up or embarrassed grin.

Thinking this was a very localised phenomenon, I was surprised, nay stunned, to discover recently that the Gets was in fact invented in 2003 by a small-time Japanese comedian called Dandy Sakano.

"One night, God came down to me, by my bed and told me to say, 'Gets!'," explains Sakano. "Next day, I went on stage and said, 'Gets!'"

The catchphrase swept the country and catapulted Sakano to fame. He quickly became, according to Wikipedia, "a fixture on variety shows, commercials, and children's programmes". He's also had a hit single called 'Oh, nice Get's'.

An extraordinary business. Here's Adam and Joe meeting Sakano. GETS!


Huw said...

Wow, that was some fast-paced Gets dueling there.

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